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Alan Bangs

GLR | 18.10.2022

Englischer Musikmoderator (Radio, Fernsehen) (* 10. Juni 1951)

Alan Bangs

In radio your audience is an audience of one. It's an intimate medium.

The meaning of the words don't always have to be the focus, but rather the sound of the words.

I did an interview once with Jackson Browne that I never forgot. I asked him if he worries about exposing too much of himself, because his songs are always so personal. Where do you draw the line about how much you reveal? He said: "Absolutely not. I can never reveal enough. The whole point of what I'm trying to do is, if you reveal so much you then reach a point inside of you that is a universal thing. Other people will be thinking 'this is no longer Jackson Browne singing, he said what I've thought all along but couldn't say for myself'". The point is to get so personal that you become universal.

I've only ever seen 3 or 4 people in the world, Grace Jones, Patti Smith and Miles Davis would be one of those people, who can wear anything, they never disappear behind the clothes. When Grace Jones wears Gaultier she's still Grace Jones. But when other people put it on they disappear underneath the clothes.

I present them with what I can do, and my obligation is to do the best work I can and hope that somebody will sponsor it, and somebody will listen to it and like it. The chain of obligation is to be true to what you do and if nobody wants it then tough. The problems start when people start changing it, it becomes a hodge-podge of bits and pieces that don't really fit together and the person doing it no longer feels comfortable. It's not an egotistical thing to do the best that you can.

Alan Bangs

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